Do you Need a Lawyer

Creative Commons License photo credit: peggydavis66

Do all property owners need a lawyer? The answer is probably yes, but in varying degrees. It’s usually very beneficial to have a real estate attorney to make sure your initial purchase goes as planned. But after that, most property owners don’t need to have an attorney. If you only own one or two properties you can probably handle most issues on your own and can contact your real estate attorney when and if you have a concern.

One situation where you may want to contact an attorney is in the case of an eviction. Many landlords and property managers handle this situation without an attorney, so you may not need legal assistance or you could keep your legal advice to a minimum and do most of the paper and legwork yourself.

If you’re being sued for discrimination you also may want to contact an attorney. If you’re fair and follow all of the rules then you probably can handle most discrimination suits yourself, but if there’s a chance that the tenant has a valid point, or if they’ve already begun legal proceedings then an attorney is best advised.

There are other situations that can arise when you’re a property manager that may or may not require an attorney. By forming a good bond at your initial purchase you can develop a relationship with a real estate attorney that will help you throughout the years, with the attorney only stepping in when necessary and otherwise providing you with the information you need to handle the situation on your own