How to Handle Yourself in Court

Custer County Court House, Miles City
Creative Commons License photo credit: dave_mcmt

Having to take a tenant to court, for any reason, is a nightmare for most people. But it’s a process you can survive and even win at if you know what to expect and come prepared. The following list of tips will help you get through a court experience.

Stay on top of Deadlines. Courts are busy and to manage all the cases that come their way they have pretty strict deadlines for every step of the process. It’s your responsibility to stay on top of these deadlines and follow them religiously.

Know your Case. Examine every element of your case and bring your evidence with you. It may seem obvious that the tenant was supposed to pay rent, but without a signed lease you?ll have trouble proving it.

Witness Support. If you have witnesses that can support your claims, bring them to court. Such as other tenants who can testify to illegal behavior or other problems. Make sure your witnesses will support your side of the claim and are available for court.

Know the Process. If you aren’t very familiar with courtroom procedures the best way to learn is by observing. Go to a couple of trials that are similar to yours and learn what will be expected of you and how the trial will fall into place.

The most important thing when going to court is being prepared. If you know what to expect, how to plan for it and what supporting evidence you need. And remember that you are a guest in the courtroom and you should treat everyone there with respect, this is not your show.