Investing in Foreclosures: Are the Profits still there?

photo credit: salimfadhley

Do you remember a few years back when investing in foreclosures was almost a sure thing? While those days are long gone, many investors are still wondering if foreclosures have anything to offer. In other words, can you still profit by purchasing a foreclosure, fixing it up, and selling? This is a difficult question to answer due in large part to the many variables that are involved.

Here are three basic, yet useful tips to keep in mind if you are thinking about investing in a foreclosure:

1. You must exercise caution. You can no longer expect that every investment will turn into something huge. Instead, you need to be cautious with what you buy. Consider the price, location, comparables, and anything else that may affect your chance of success. Of course, if you are thinking about investing in your first foreclosure, you need to take even more caution as you move forward.

2. How are you going to pay? This is perhaps the most important detail to consider. Again, in the past you may have been able to get away with paying more for a foreclosure than you should have. But in today?s world, you need to earn every possible penny. Simply put, if a foreclosure does not fit into your budget, keep looking.

3. Find a mentor. If you are new to investing in foreclosures or just want some help, find a mentor that has been around this game for a while. The knowledge and advice that they can offer is invaluable.?

There is no denying that you can still make a nice profit through foreclosure investing. Does this mean that you are guaranteed to make out in the long run? Definitely not. With so many variables, including the ever fluctuating real estate market, you never know what is going to happen. At the very least, use the three tips above to get in the right frame of mind. From there, deciding whether or not to invest is up to you.