The Community Active Landlord

Rheineck - Switzerland
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kecko

If you’re managing a property, whether as a property manager or as the landlord, it is a good idea to be active in your community. The lifeblood of the rental business is people and by connecting with a larger part of your community in a positive way you extend your reach and boost your reputation at the same time.

Check your local community action programs to see if there is anything that specifically relates to the property management or home rental fields. These organizations can not only help you reach the right future tenants, but these networks are all about helping each other get the right business and right prices for services. It?s always a good idea to be an active part of any professional organizations you can join in your area.

Similarly, you should join all local and regional professional organizations which will not only open your network, but the credentials will boost your appeal to certain tenants and members of the community.

Beyond the professional outreach, look for something that appeals to you on another level. If you?re going to be active in the community you might as well do something that interests you. Any sort of philanthropic work will garner you kudos in the community and boost the reputation of your business but will also bring you untold personal rewards.