If you’re looking to sell your property and reap the greatest rewards you may want to consider going the do-it-yourself route. Realtor commissions can soak up a lot of the profit when you sell a home and if you’ve got the time and skill, then you can keep that profit for yourself.

Your first step is to do a little research and figure out what your home is worth. You probably already have a figure in mind of what you want to sell the home for, but that figure may not be realistic. Look at what homes are listed at in your area. Compare like homes in similar areas and base your price upon what the market is currently asking and what it seems as though buyers are willing to pay.

Then you?ll want to list your home with a local FSBO group. FSBO stands for For Sale by Owner and these groups are basically in every community. You sign up online and your property, the listing, the photos all show up online for the public to view and shop. You can also get property signs from the group which will help attract drive by attention.

Your last step is prepping the home. You want to have curb appeal so drive bys are intrigued and want to see more or so they recommend the home to friends and family who may be looking. Carry that curb appeal inside and dress the home so it appeals to others, it’s clean, and it isn’t cluttered.

Then, you?re home is ready to sell and you have to be prepared to be the sales person. Be available for open houses and tours, answer questions and phone calls and push that property, your rewards will be worth the effort.