Smallest Homes in the World

As people get greener they’re more concerned about the footprint they’re leaving on the environment. This means that many of the eco-conscious (Hollywood and D.C. sorts excluded) are moving into smaller homes. Check out these tiny abodes to see what some of the smallest homes look like.

In Toronto, Canada this little beauty was built on what used to be a driveway. Boasting just under 300 square feet, this one bedroom, one bath home has everything you could ever want (except storage space). This small home even features an adorable backyard and at its last sale held a whopping sticker price of $179,900.

Great Britain’s smallest home is located on the Quay in Conwy, Wales. This home has an official record listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The residence was used as such from the sixteenth century until 1900 when it was deemed unfit for humans. The Quay house measures a mere 10×6 feet.

North America’s Jim Reid claims to have the smallest home in America and he believes it’s the solution to the homeless problem. Nicknamed Shelter One the 10×10 foot home was built by Reid himself for a mere $9,000.

The title of Smallest Home in the World goes to Jay Shafers Tumbleweed. Shafer is an artist and architect and not only designed and built his home but makes tiny houses for others. This one rests near San Francisco and is a tiny 96 square feet. Designed to reduce Shafer?s footprint on the world the portable home has been his primary residence since 1997.