Hiring a Lawyer for Landlords

Being a landlord or a property manager can be a very rewarding business, but it also has its downfalls and the legal aspects tend to be a pretty overwhelming aspect for many people. How do you know when to handle a problem yourself and when to involve an attorney? The following five situations are ones where having an attorney’s advice may be your best bet.

A Personal Injury Case

If a tenant is claiming that they became sick or injured because of you did, failed to do or because of your property, you’ll want to have an attorney represent you. These cases can quickly add up and lawyers as well as plaintiffs are looking for big bucks. If you have liability insurance your insurance company may provide you with an attorney.

Discrimination Cases

If you’re being investigated or sued for discrimination you may want to hire a lawyer, if your local housing agency has decided that the case has some merit and they’re proceeding then you’ll probably want to hedge your bets and hire legal help.


Not all evictions require legal assistance, in fact many do not. But if this is your first eviction or the tenant is fighting the eviction you want to be well armed so you don’t have to let the tenant continue residing in your property.

Property Damage Cases

If something about your property caused damage to a tenant’s property you may need an attorney. It will depend on your insurance company and how they wish to proceed with the case.

Tax Audits

Taxes are a tricky area and you’ll be going up against some of the most experienced professionals in the field so having an attorney’s support may be very useful.