Most, if not all, renters want to feel secure in their new home and it’s your job as the landlord to provide them with a degree of security. Better landlords will provide more security than is necessary and better landlord will attract better tenants.

Check your local laws to see what is legally required in your region. Some cities require locks on all common entrances, others have lighting requirements so your first step is to make sure you are at least compliant with all the regulations in your area. Then its time to boost the security and make your tenants feel even safer.

Make sure locks on all units are in complete working order and possibly install deadbolts for added security. Walk around the property and look for spots that aren’t well lit and add lighting. Check out the shrubs around the windows, do they provide good hiding spots? If so remove the bushes or keep them very closely trimmed.

If there are any complaints from tenants, respond promptly and encourage your tenants to contact the local police. If there are problems in your neighborhood be an active participant in neighborhood watch programs and arrange to have regular meetings to discuss safety.

Basically, let your tenants know that their safety is a concern of yours and that you’ll be responsive to their needs.