What do Renters Want?

If you want to attract renters to your rental property, as any good landlord or property manager does, then you have to know what renters want. A national survey was conducted earlier in 2008 and they results were that most renters want an on location health facility. Unfortunately, this is out of reach for many property owners, but if it’s not out of your budget, you may want to consider adding an exercise room to attract new tenants.

If you’re like most landlords, not only is a work out facility too expensive, but it may not be practical for your situation. Instead you need to focus on the positive. Research your area and see where the local gyms are. If you have a health club near your home us that in your advertisements as an enticement. Maybe you can even work out a deal with a local club to give your tenants a discount for signing up at their gym.

Or you can be even more creative and highlight other things which may appeal to the health conscious. Is there a bike trail nearby, tennis courts, a local swimming pool? Include information on local recreation facilities in the apartment information to make your rental units seem more convenient and appeal to a broader tenant base.