How to Sell Your Home

If you’re stuck with a home that won’t sell in this slow economy you can blame it on the financial environment or you can take steps to turn that home into a hot property that people are anxious to purchase.

The first thing you have to do is really resolve yourself to selling the home, which means admitting you?re giving it up and letting go of your emotional attachments. This seems logical but logic often has nothing to do with the heart. There are obviously some home buyers who will appreciate that you love your home and they’ll understand that you probably put a lot of care into it but they don’t want to live in your home, they want to live in their own home.

To make your home less yours you need to remove personal artifacts and little touches that make it yours. This means that the family photos should come down, little notes on the fridge, artwork from your children and all the other collected odds and ends from your life.

You may even have to paint the walls while and remove most of your furniture so the home seems larger and it?s easier for the people touring your home to imagine their furniture in the home.

And finally, turn your attention to the outside of your home. Curb appeal is absolutely essential when you?re trying to lure those drive by customers inside your home.