Biggest Mistakes in Home Sales

Selling your home can be a traumatic and emotional experience for many reasons, but once you decide that its time to sell you need to resolve yourself to make the sale and do it right. Avoid making the following mistakes so you can complete your sale smoothly and quickly.

Bad Home Pricing

Emotionally involved people often have a hard time attaching an appropriate value to their home. This is an area that requires research and perhaps a professional opinion or two. It’s not nearly as subjective as one would think.? No matter which way you set the price, too high or too low, it will scare off prospective buyers so price appropriately.

The Home is a Disaster

People aren’t likely to buy your property if it’s filthy, needs repairs, or looks awful from the street. Spend the time to clean and make sure your home smells fresh. If you can, spent a little to give your place curb appeal and to repair any obvious flaws.

Picking the Wrong Real Estate Agent

Your realtor can really make or break the sale so you want to be certain that you have an experienced agent who knows the market and is willing to work to make your sale.

Remember that your home sale is a business deal, you have to remove the emotional factor and proceed with professional clarity.