Dealing with the Neighbors

It happens time and time again, people buy a home because they love certain aspects, but once they move in the discover aspects they don’t love at all. The biggest complaint, one I suffer from myself, is the neighbors aren’t all you had hoped for.

For some people the problem is the neighbors are too strict and there is a rule book governing just about everything for your subdivision. This is a new occurrence but it’s become quite common. From not being able to hang your laundry on the line to regulations on your landscaping. Unless you’re willing to begin an organization or head the subdivision group that is in place, there isn’t much you can do to change these laws. And even then it’s going to be an uphill battle to get the support you need. Your best bet was reading all of the information before you made the purchase.

For me the problem was a bit different, our local government is trying to clean up a high crime area of town by simply moving the problem residents into a different area, unfortunately it’s the area where I live. To combat this the neighbors have banned together and improved lighting, hired a private security firm, spoken regularly with local police, we’re extra vigilant and there are regular community walks in the evening hours. Again, not much else can be done as we cannot force tenants to leave.

The one thing people in both situations could have done to mitigate this problem before the home was purchased was spending a little time in the area during all hours of the day, early morning, after school, and the evening hours. This way you’d get a better feel for how the neighborhood acts on a regular basis. And while you’re there, stop and chat with a few potential neighbors. Most people will welcome the chance to tell you about where they live if you explain that you’re considering a home purchase in their neighborhood.