Plymouth Minnesota: the Best Place to Live

Money Magazine has come out with their list of the top 100 places to live in 2008 and topping the list this year, another Midwest city, Plymouth, Minnesota.? Money says it’s the topnotch schools, good jobs, affordable housing, low crime and the active culture that combine together to make Plymouth one of the best cities around.

The people of Plymouth have spoken up and, of course, they agree with Money Magazine’s assessment. Most of the residents on the city’s official website mention the parks as the reason this city is so dear to them. And rightfully so, the city prides itself on the extensive park system and 80 miles trails. There are community playfields, large multi-purpose areas, city parks, small neighborhood parks and even a skate park.

Another comment a lot of residents make is that the town is very safe, part of this may have to do with the strict rules at city parks and other public areas. No motorized vehicles are allowed in parks, neither is alcohol or smoking. Neighborhood parks close at 10pm and all pets must be on a leash. It may seem a little restrictive but it is one of the reasons everyone feels comfortable in the parks and the city of Plymouth. ?To see which other cities have ranked highly on the annual poll, check Money Magazine’s article.