Security Deposits and Responsibility

Security deposits can be a stick issue between landlords and tenants, most tenants feel they deserve their entire deposit back and many landlords are looking for a little extra financial compensation for their efforts in cleaning and/or repairs.

If you’re wondering which repairs and cleaning costs are the responsibility of the tenant and which belong to the landlord the standard measure is normal wear and tear is something that every landlord should expect. This means that worn and faded floors, carpets, and walls are to be expected as is a less than stellar performance from appliances, toilets, doors, etc.? But if the damage is more profound then the landlord may expect to receive some financial compensation for the repairs. If the floors are stained or there are cigarette burns, if there is anything that is broken, if there is excessive dirt that requires additional cleaning or a cleaning service then the tenant can expect to lose some of their security deposit.

Remember, whether you’re the tenant or the landlord, you should document the apartment to prove what its condition is. With digital cameras it’s very simply to take the photos and then erase them when they’re not needed anymore, no expense and no bother.