A very unfortunate part of every business is that there are ups and downs, and for landlords and property managers, the downs include bad tenants. Bad tenants can go from the very simple problem to the extreme situation where your property and other tenants may be at risk.

When you’ve got one of the worst tenants around it may be tempting to simply lock them out of the home or have the utilities turned off and force them to move, but this is illegal and the end result could be you losing rights to your property and having to house the offender even longer. This rule applies to roommates as well as landlords, so if you’re having a tiff with your live in mate or roommate don’t even think about changing the locks.

So even though the living situation may be intolerable or you’re worried about your other tenants, you still have to follow all of the rules for an eviction. If you’re not sure how to deal with an eviction, check with the fair housing bureau or other local government agency that handles tenants and landlords.

You don’t need an attorney for an eviction so as long as you follow all of the proper steps to the letter you can handle it yourself and eventually you’ll be able to get rid of the problem tenant.