First Time Renter Tips

Moving into your first apartment is a very exciting experience, but it also can be a bit nerve wracking as well. Use the following tips to make the transition go a little more smoothly and so you know what to expect.

Rent What You Can Afford

Experts suggest you rent a place that is no more than 25-30% of your monthly income. For first time renters though, you actually should try to go a little bit lower and stay in the 20-25% range. The reason for this is there are certain things you???ll need to set up your new home that you don???t have and some of these items can be very expensive, like furniture. So by keeping the monthly rental fee lower you can purchase all of those things that make an apartment home.

Read the Lease

Sure, you???ve seen the People???s Court, you know how important it is to read and understand contracts before you sign them, but you???d be shocked at how many people still don???t bother. Take the time to read the contract thoroughly so there are no surprises in the future.

Be Respectful

For some first time renters the lure is the idea of being able to party all the time but this is simply not the case in most rental units, and do you really want to live somewhere where this is the policy? Be respectful of your neighbors and in turn they???re more likely to be respectful of you. This doesn???t mean you can never have a party just be reasonable in the time, frequency, the number of guests and the volume level.

Basically, you need to be a good renter to have a good experience in your first apartment. Respect yourself, your neighbors, your landlord and your pocketbook and you???ll be thrilled with your first foray into the renting world.