Using Media To Promote Community In Multi-Unit Dwellings

The idea of using any sort of media to encourage your tenants to communicate with each other might be terrifying to you. This need not be the case. It is a simple matter of understanding where you stand with your tenants and acting accordingly.

  1. Do you consistently underserve your tenants with inferior housing for their money?
  2. Are you slow to respond (more than 4hrs) to tenant emergencies?
  3. Are you difficult to deal with in every-day tenant-landlord interactions?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’ll want to work on changing your business approach before attempting to build community among your tenants.

If you think you do a pretty good job at meeting the needs of the people you provide housing for, consider incorporating some new media into your community approach.

  • Set up a page on your website (you have one, right?) where tenants can log in and participate in discussions that pertain to their location.
  • Provide some extra value for your tenants by making them aware of upcoming events that relate to the complex they live in.
  • Build lines of effective communication by using email and your website forums to make it easier for your tenants to share their delights and concerns with you and your staff.

Opening new lines of communication doesn’t mean you need to commit to talking all the time…just that you’re open to the idea and willingly fostering a community. Your tenants will appreciate the effort and you’ll reap the rewards.