Are You Ready To Invest Again?

Wall Street subway mosaicIf you or your company chose to stop investing in new properties as a response to recent uncertainty in real estate markets, at what point will you continue investing toward long term goals? According to Ronald Oral in MarketWatch, the US Government is hoping that you’ll restart spending soon.

In a move Presidential economic advisor Lawrence Summers hopes will go a long way to sparking economic renewal, plans are being submitted for a federal “bad bank” that picks up toxic mortgages from other banks. The hope is that such a bank will remove much of the uncertainty in the mortgage and loans sector, inspiring private investors to pour money into banks that will then offer loans to eligible buyers.

For many large property investors, the recent downturn has been taken in painful stride. For smaller, more personal ventures, tightfisted banks have brought investment projects to a screeching halt. By offering banks a way to free up funds, the Treasury has found a way to assure newly risk-averse bankers that the financial world is going to keep turning. You will continue to hear talks of the “next great depression” and “endless recession” for some time, but there is tremendous value in being able to look back at how banks failed in the past in the hope of making them work for the future.?Creative Commons License?photo?credit:?epicharmus