Using Media to Promote Rental Property

Quay West, West Bay
Creative Commons License photo credit: boliston

Managers of High-end condos in downtown areas often use photos, videos, 3D walk-thru’s, and music to promote rental listings online. As more people move toward database searches and free listings like Craigslist, knowing how to effectively use media as part of your listing will put you miles ahead of the competition. What can you learn about media promotion from the purveyors of posh?

  1. Include multiple photos with your listing. Typical subjects include the bathroom, living room, kitchen, one or more bedrooms, and a context photo of the neighborhood. For low to mid-cost units in particular, including tasteful photos will set your listing apart from the rest.Don’t seek angles that obviously try to hide some negative characteristic of your listing. Take real photos and use the text portion of your listing to deal with any possible negative response. Prospective tenants will appreciate your honesty and you’ll spend more time doing showings for people who genuinely want to see the unit.

    A simple $50 digital camera is all you need. Make sure you use the photo editing software (often included with most cameras) to optimize your photos for the web. Photos will load much faster if optimized. You don’t want a prospective tenant waiting to view your photos.

  2. If you have even an inkling of a sales personality, buy a simple digital camcorder and start making video tours of open units. Make a short list of things you want to talk about in your video and discuss those points as you walk around the unit. If you have an especially family-friendly unit, a video is a great way to let prospective tenants know about your listing.There’s no need for any fancy editing equipment or a video guru. Just set up an account on Youtube and upload your videos. You’ll be able to link to the video from anywhere and will even be able to embed the video in your own website, if you have one.

Take the time to name each media file and create a folder for each listing. You’ll want to know where you’ve stored the photos and video if you need to list a property again. They can also prove invaluable in dealing with a dispute over property damage.

An inexpensive camera, a few minutes, and a bit of creativity are all it takes to set your listings apart from the rest.