Improve Your Rental Curb Appeal

If you’re hoping to attract decent tenants, the best tenants, then you have to have a property that appeals to the right people. You want people who expect nice things, are willing to pay for those things, and people who will respect your property. The key to attracting this sort of tenant is having a rental property that suggests you feel the same way.

Many prospective renters will learn about the rental unit’s availability through a drive by or they will take a drive by to check out the place before they proceed. This is why curb appeal is so very essential to people looking rent or sell their property.

Your first step in improving your curb appeal is to analyze the property to determine its highlights and downfalls. Do what you have to to emphasize the best aspects and minimize or even correct weaknesses.

Then keep up with maintenance. Make sure the lawn is mowed, bushes are trimmed, flower beds are weeded. You want your property to always look well cared for.

And if you have the time and money, go for some improvements that make your rental unit even more appealing. Add flower beds or potted plants that don’t require weeding, paint the exterior, add some shutters and a bird feeder or two.