Safety from Pollutants

One of your most important jobs as a landlord or a property manager is making sure your tenants and their guests are safe and secure in their home. It’s your job to make sure that the home is pollutant free before the tenants move in.

Indoor air pollution has become a more prevalent problem as people have been working to eliminate drafts and air leaks, thereby trapping more pollutants inside. If this is a problem in your rental units you’ll have to improve the ventilation to alleviate the problem.

If you have a large amount of nitrogen dioxide or carbon monoxide in your apartments they you’ve probably got a poorly maintained or vented range, heater, dryer, gas appliances, or fireplace or other heating element. Make sure that all of these appliances are properly vented and that the vents are clear. Check for cracks in the appliance itself and make sure there is a working ducts on heating systems. Perform all routine maintenance procedures as recommended by the manufacturer.

Lead paint is a hot topic for a lot of people, but if your home has been repainted since 1978 you’re probably safe. Most paint stores have inexpensive kits you can buy to test the paint if you’re uncertain.

Asbestos is another pollutant you hear about regularly, asbestos was used in the 1940s and the 1950s to make fire-resistant structures for the home. It becomes hazardous when the small fibers break off and crumble. If your rentals were built after 1972 you’re probably in the clear, but if not you’ll want to have professionals remove and replace all of the asbestos.

It is your duty to keep your rental units up to code when it comes to the safety and security of your tenants.