Do You Need a Lawyer?

There are a lot of legal matters involved with being a landlord but quite often you can handle them yourself if you keep good records, follow the law and are willing to stay abreast of what’s happening locally in the landlord/tenant realm. But there are some times when you may want to hedge your bets and hire an attorney.

Contested Eviction

Most evictions you can handle yourself as long as you follow the rules and the detailed procedure but if you have a tenant who is contesting the eviction and has retained their own attorney then it might be time for you to pull out the big guns and get your own attorney involved.

HUD Investigates

If a tenant has filed a complaint against you and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) thinks there is enough merit to investigate then you may want to have a lawyer on your side as the fines issued by the HUD are very large.

Personal Injury Case

If a tenant claims that they became injured or sick because of something related to your property then you will probably want to have an attorney help you through the case as personal injury cases can be extremely expensive.

Buying/Selling Property

A real estate attorney can be an invaluable asset if you’re thinking about buying or purchasing property. They know all the ins and outs and the really good ones have a great handle on the value of property in the area and the current local market.

First Time in Court

You don’t need an attorney for your first court appearance, but it may help you understand the process and get your paperwork and information in order. You probably can do it alone but for some, having an experienced teacher at your side is well worth the expense.