How to Rent or Sell a Home

The housing market has obviously slowed and some landlords are also feeling a pinch but there are some things both homeowners and landlords can do to make their property more attractive to the market.

Make all Repairs

Prospective homeowners and renters alike are looking for a well maintained home, home’s that appear neglected in some way hint at other possible problems that may be deeper rooted. You may have overlooked the little things for so long that you don’t even notice but prospective inhabitants will definitely notice so take the steps to make those repairs.

Staging the Home

There are two thoughts on this, but if the property is furnished you should definitely remove clutter to make it look larger and more comfortable. Some people feel that showing an empty home is best because the future residents can better visualize themselves in the home, others feel that having a professionally staged home is best because it gives them an ideal image of how the home can look. No matter what you decide to do cleaning is the most important part of staging for you, make sure everything is clean and smells good.

Make a Highlight List

In addition to the realtor’s spec list you’ll want to create your own highlight take away page that lists the benefits of the property and the surrounding area. If you have an attractive home or rental unit include pictures, perhaps photos from each season. Photos give shoppers something to reference back to when they’re trying to make their decision.