If you’re looking to boost the value of your rental units and draw more renters with higher incomes then following some of the current housing and apartment trends will make your rental units more attractive to prospective renters.

Go Green Inside?

Incorporate as many environmentally friendly and ecologically sound features as you can in your rental units. This is not only attractive to prospective renters but its cost efficient for you and the tenants. Also, if you do your research, some local areas give rebates or tax credits for installing environmentally sound features, such as water-saving toilets.

Go Green Outside?

Reevaluate your landscaping. A more attractive exterior helps with drive bys as it makes the property more appealing so add as much landscaping as you can.

Lighten Up?

Flood the interior with light as well lit places are more attractive to prospective renters and they appear larger. Add ceiling lights, track lighting, spot lights, lit stairwells, etc. You should also make sure the exterior is appropriately lit so that it’s safe and not attractive to prowlers, peeping toms and criminals.

Individualize Units

Living in a cookie cutter is not appealing to many people so try to individualize your units by offering some decorating differences in flooring, counters, cupboards or even layout. By promising tenants a unique unit you’re greatly increasing the appeal of your apartments.