If you have property that is known as haunted, whether you’ve had any spooky experiences or not, it can be quite difficult to sell this property. But there are things you can do to help move a sale forward.

First you need to be aware that a haunted home is called a stigmatized property, which is also the name given to homes in which murder, mayhem or suicides occurred. In 30 days realtors and property owners do not have to disclose information on stigmatized properties but there have been lawsuits against them for this non-disclosure. The difference is it’s rather easy to prove that a murder or suicide occurred on a property but a haunting is harder to prove and you’re less likely to get sued. So follow your state rules, if they say disclose then you have to, if they don’t, you don’t.

Secondly, don’t further any rumors by talking about odd experience or occurrences at your home and swiftly dismiss anything you hear. Gossip can do a lot of damage and you don’t want to add to it.

Third, work to change the atmosphere. Brighten the place with sunny yellow paint or another cheery color. Add flowers to your landscaping, oil creaky doors and secure loose floorboards. Approach the home as you would a child’s nursery, brighten every corner.

Finally, if you’re still not able to make the sale, consider going the other route – some people are actually very interested in haunted properties, so go crazy and spread rumors, make it as spooky as possible.