Job Transfer and Ending your Lease

If you’ve got a new job offer and have to leave the city in which you live you may find yourself in the difficult situation of having a lease that you’re unable to complete or that you don’t want to complete.

Now some larger rental agencies may have a clause in your lease that lets you break a lease in the case of a job transfer or a move for any reason as long as you give a specified amount of notice.? This is the ideal situation as you simply have to follow the outlined procedure.

If your lease doesn’t have a clause that lets you terminate because of a move you’ll have to see if your landlord is willing to let you out of your lease. A lot of landlords understand that moves happen and if you’re up front and give them as much notice as possible they may be very willing to let you end your lease.

Some landlords aren’t nearly as flexible and they aren’t about to let go of a paying tenant while they have one. If this is your situation you can ask if the landlord will let you sublease the apartment, at least this way you can find a tenant yourself and recoup part of the expenses.

If you’ve got a great new employer and you can’t break the lease, see if the employer is willing to pay any of your moving expenses, this money can be used to pay part of your lease.