Unusual Lake Front Homes

Many people dream of a home on the water, the serene comfort of having at least one side of the home facing glistening shores. For some the dream goes beyond the location to the home itself and that’s where those dreams take an unusual turn. These eye-catching waterfront homes have startling views but the views are of the houses not the water.

Castle Meur

Nestled between gigantic boulders this unassuming home, dubbed Castle Meur, seems to shrink from invaders and rightly so as the home on Pointe de Plougrescant was built between the rocks as protection from high winds and storms. This 1861 gem is still owned by the original family although its currently only used as an occasional vacation home.

Robert Bruno’s Steel House

Slightly reminiscent of a ViewFinder or an alien pod, Robert Bruno’s Steel House was created by a sculptural architect with a vision in mind. Having spent approximately three decades creating this masterpiece the resulting structure is a home you either love or hate, but no matter what you’ll take a second look.

The Orchid House

Surprisingly, the Orchid House in Cotswold has drawn a lot of attention for its 7.2 million pound price tag, AND the home isn’t even built yet. This innovative and purportedly eco friendly residence is set to take three years to construct. Unbelievably, it’s expected to produce more energy than it consumes, but that remains to be seen.