Host a Successful Open House

The purpose of an open house is to get as many people into your home as possible and then come up with a buyer. So to have a successful open house you need both elements.


To accomplish the first element you’re going to have to advertise to draw a crowd. Take out an ad in your local paper and any real estate flyers you may have in the area. Purchase some signs to place in your yard and on any adjacent busy streets. Then flood the internet with advertising about your open house.

Set the Stage?

It should go without saying that your home should be spotless but unfortunately many people miss this and they ignore messes they’ve just gotten used to. Have a friend that will be honest with you come through and look for messes and smells that may be offensive. You should also remove all personal touches so that visitors can picture themselves in the home.

Play the Host?

Set out some refreshments for your guests. Many realtors recommend baking cookies because the smell is homey to people. So why not give them the comfort food rather than simply treating it as an air freshener. You can also set out small bottles of water and little candies to make it more of an experience for prospective buyers.

Provide Information

Create glossy and full color handouts for the visitors. Include all the pertinent information that people may be looking to compare in the future and add some beautiful pictures so they remember how wonderful your home is.