Living on a Houseboat

Dal Lake
Living on a boat may seem like a dream to you but it’s actually quite possible. The biggest concern is probably the boat and the location. Boats are generally considered a luxury but they don’t need to be outrageously expensive, look for a good used boat or a fixer upper to save money. If you’re single or a couple you can probably get by with a 40 foot boat on the low end. If you have children you’ll want to add another 10 feet at least.

Then examine the locations that work for you. Marina’s vary in size depending upon the size of your boat, the location of the marina and the amenities offered. You’ll also have to look for a marina that accepts liveaboards. Not all of them are set up for full-time residents while some of them cater to that type of lifestyle. Make sure you check with your state regulations as some do have rules regarding this type of housing.

The best part about living on a houseboat is you can pick up and go whenever you wish. If you’re interested in a little day’s cruise you can pick up your anchor and go. If you’re considering becoming a snow bird and traveling south for the winter or north for the summer it’s as easy as setting your course and taking to the sea.

Creative Commons License photo credit: shahbasharat