Home on the Farm

Some people dream of farm living but usually that dream comes with a quaint farmhouse, for Glen and Sandy Wells of Kentucky the farmhouse is optional because they prefer to live in the silo.

The 70 foot tall steel storage tank could hold enough grain for 3000 hogs in its heyday but now it serves as six story home. Each floor is a 20 foot circular room that serves a particular function. The first floor serves as a kitchen with custom made oak cabinets, the second floor is a luxurious bathroom, the third floor serves as a game room of sorts and the fourth floor is a guest room. On the fifth floor is the couple’s bedroom, complete with incredible views of the farmland around. And finally the sixth floor serves as a storage area of sorts. They do hope to one day cap the silo with a deck so they can take advantage of the incredible vista surrounding them.

In addition to the silo space, the Wells family took advantage of the stone building that was attached to the silo, it has been converted into a family room with big screen television, pin ball machine, billiard table, juke box, chess table and fireplace. Everything a modern homeowner could want.