Criminal Acts on your Property

Landlords are being held responsible for everything from injuries due to negligence on their part to drug dealing activities performed by their tenants. In this climate it’s very important for a landlord to take as many precautions as possible to protect themselves, their tenants and the public from their tenants.

Your first step is familiarizing yourself with the all local and state laws that apply to your property and then make sure you have complied with everything. Your first responsibility is protecting your tenants.

If you have tenants who are dealing drugs you can actually face a number of problems from fellow tenants being annoyed to injury cases where the government seizes your property. To protect yourself you should carefully screen tenants before renting to try to avoid this sort of person in the first place. But if you end up with a bad tenants don’t accept their behavior, use the signed lease against them and as they cause interruptions document it and evict them promptly.

Be available to your tenants and hear them when they report problems, whether it’s a disruptive neighbor or a small repair that could cause an injury. Your prompt and specific action could save you from legal action.