Dealing with the Public or Press

It may seem a bit silly to establish a public or press response strategy but every landlord needs to have something to this effect in place to protect themselves and their property. Incidents crop up all the time where statements are taken from landlords and employees which can damage your reputation even if the person making the statement didn’t realize what they were doing.

No matter what the size of your organization, establish a press contact, which can be you. Set up guidelines for employees and ask them not to speak to the public or the press about any situations involving your property. Have them refer all such questions directly to the press contact.

If there is a situation with the press or legal issue your employees should be prepared in advance that people may be asking questions and they should be more firm than ever about sticking to the policy and not saying anything.

It may seem like an extra cautious maneuver, but even one unfavorable quote in the paper about a seemingly innocuous issue can reflect poorly to the public and may prevent you from getting a future rental at best or having your reputation destroyed at worst.

Creative Commons License photo credit: alex-s