Why Buy a Condo?

If you are interested in buying real estate you have many options. One of the most popular discussions is that of buying a condo vs. a single family home. There are benefits of both. Many people decide that buying a condo is the way to go. Do you think you may be next to join this group?

Buying a condo is less responsibility than a single family home. You will not be responsible for outdoor maintenance such as cutting the grass, landscaping, and anything that has to do with the actual structure. Not only is this less responsibility, but it works out well in terms of your finances as well.

Condos can be less expensive. Of course, this is not always the case. There are condos that sell for in excess of $1 million. Just like buying a single family home, you need to know your budget and then use it to find condos that you can afford. But in general, a condo will be less expensive than a single family dwelling.

Do condos cost less to insure? The answer to this question is almost always yes. Since you do not have to insure the actual building, but only the inside walls and your valuables, you are probably going to pay less for insurance. Again, if money is on your mind buying a condo is a good choice.

What do you think? Is condo living right for you? Compare the pros and cons of a condo to a single family home before buying.