Are You Ready for the 2010 Winter Olympics Washington?

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Pacific Northwest, get ready for the largest influx of tourists since the 1962 Seattle World?s Fair. With the Seatac International Airport, U.S./Canada border crossing station, and easy distance to the celebrated Canadian city itself, Washington State will be just as much in the spotlight this winter as their northern friends. No matter how you look at it, the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver B.C. will have both the hospitality industry and the property management sectors in the state on their toes this winter.

Washington State Tourism is taking full advantage of being the ?gateway to the Olympic Games?? with its brand new website page With travel packages ranging from Mount Rainier to the Tri Cities area, the entire state is prepping for Olympic enthusiasts to take a few extra days exploring the Pacific Northwest. If you?re a Washington company, now is the perfect time to leverage your business.

How can Washington businesses capitalize on this? Try some of these ideas:

Whether you?re a Vancouver property management company, or a bed and breakfast in Forks, it?s time to start planning for the millions of tourists who will be arriving in a few short months.

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