Home Trends for 2009

Sustainable Kitchen
With this belt tightening economy people are changing the way they?re decorating and building new homes in 2009. One trend is that the economy is taking a toll and homes are smaller and more practical and people are looking at the important things in their homes because they?re spending more time at home.

The average home size had been 2,300 square feet and that is dropping pretty dramatically, by at least 100 square feet. In fact some of the McMansions built in the last decade may not be as desirable to buyers as older, smaller homes.

You?ll also see a lot less luxury around the house, both inside and out. People are no longer concerned with having the high-end everything and are looking for low maintenance, environmentally friendly features to add to their home.

With the cut backs in luxuries the new trend in uber chic is less is more. Look for design trends and home d?cor to pare down and become sleek with a focus on simple lines and multiple functions.
And because people are spending more time at home and focusing on entertaining the family together you?ll see televisions, game systems and living rooms on the rise. These areas will be where more money will be spent and the little luxuries may creep into the fray.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design