If you’re looking to get renters into your open units then maybe it’s time to take a look at supply and demand, basically, are you giving renters what they want?

If you ask tenants what they want in a rental unit you’ll get a bunch of ideas but three things will remain constant. They want a fair price, a quality home and something that is convenient to them. Keep in mind that convenience means different things to different people.

Beyond the basics tenants are looking for some amenities that give them convenience and comfort. They like bigger bathrooms, generous kitchens, and they love storage. Many large rental units are adding fitness areas, co-op libraries, community space and other luxuries that actually don’t cost a lot for the property owner but add a lot of value to the residents.

Another trend that is catching on everywhere has hit rental units as well, is the green movement. If you’re looking to get socially and environmentally conscious tenants (usually very good tenants by the way) then incorporating as many ecofriendly aspects into your home are important.

And finally, if you’re looking to attract tenants, let them know what plusses your units offer. Advertise your highlights and gear them to the sort of tenant that you want and that best suits your environment.