A New Way to Market Clean Spaces

In today’s market, apartment property management can be a challenge; particularly with the glut of rentals and move-in specials, it can be difficult to make yours stand out from the many competing spaces.? An emerging niche marketing strategy is to advertise your rental as being ?low allergen? and all it takes is a few extra steps to make your units as allergen-free as possible.

While this might seem like a no-brainer for all properties, there are countless renters who are more sensitive to allergens and struggle to find places that make it a priority to keep allergens at a minimum in their spaces. Here are five easy things you can do to ensure your property is clean, safe, and marketable specifically to renters with allergies.

  1. Clean air ?good ventilation and non-leaking ductwork are the foundation of clean, fresh air circulating in your rental property. Make sure you have fans in all of the required areas like the kitchen and bathroom, and consider adding one in the laundry room (if there is one). Clean air means less stuffy, stagnant air, less allergens, and a healthier space.
  2. Leaks, high humidity, and other causes of mold ? mold can cause allergy symptoms in everyone regardless of how sensitive they are to allergens in general. Mold loves dark, damp spaces so check for leaks regularly, as well as monitoring areas around appliances like the water heater, bathrooms and kitchen fixtures and the like. The easiest way to avoid the damages and health risks of mold is a watchful eye and regular maintenance.
  3. Provide information ? whether your potential renter is more sensitive to allergens or not, it is always smart to provide information about allergens, mold and other causes of health-related issues to your tenants. Include it as part of your move-in packet, or even make it part of the lease. This will ensure your renter is aware of both your active concern in his or her well-being, as well as your involvement in keeping the space as allergen-free as possible.
  4. Choose your plants wisely ? when landscaping, choose plants that have low pollen or allergenic contaminants like Astilbe, Impatiens, Hosta, Scabiosa, Columbine, Viola, Dogwood Trees, Double-Flowered Cherry Trees, and Magnolias.
  5. Go the extra mile ? whether by leaving a basket of cleaning supplies in the unit as a welcome gift, or keeping an air purifier in the space as part of the amenities, these little additions will show renters you really care about keeping the space as healthy and clean for them as they do.

And don?t forget to include these in your rental listings when you post! Even if your tenant ends up not having allergies, they will appreciate the extra steps you?ve taken to make the space as clean and safe as possible.