Stay Green, Even on the Road

As a property manager, your day can be filled with tasks that take you outside of the office. Whether you?re meeting potential tenants to view vacant units, or signing leases in a nearby Starbucks, your daily appointments can inadvertently be taking quite the toll on the environment.

Here three easy steps that can instantly lessen your carbon footprint and make your life a little easier as well.

  1. Avoid disposable products ? whether you?re stopping in for your favorite coffee concoction, or staying hydrated throughout the day, stay away from take-away cups and disposable plastic bottles. Instead, bring your own or request a ?for here? glass or mug if you?ll be staying for awhile.
  2. Go paperless ? or at least lessen your paper use. Keep as much of your files as possible electronic. If you have to print those pesky pages for signatures and initials, use recycled stock and print on both sides of the paper.
  3. Keep your car in top condition ? by taking your car in for regular tune ups, oil changes, and keeping tires full of air you?re ensuring your vehicle is running at its most efficient level. Get every mile you can out of each tank of gas by keeping your car in good working condition.

Seems pretty easy, right? The trend is catching on; from Napa property management companies to Washington, D.C. firms, going green is becoming a nationwide practice for property managers. Don?t be left behind with an office stacked with folders and a sluggish car full of old coffee cups. Simplify, recycle, and start a newer, greener workday.