6 Tools for a Beautiful Yard

Seaside garden
Yards are gaining in popularity and are being treated as a part of the house so keeping your yard neat and attractive is a high priority. With these six luxury tools for the yard you can keep everything in tip top shape and be the envy of the neighborhood.

Zero Turn Mower

The best lawn mower around, a zero turn mower will whip through the job with little effort and time expenditure and the precision may eliminate your need for a trimmer.

Electric Leaf Shredder

A beautiful lawn has big beautiful trees which means you?ve got leaves, an electric leaf shredder quickly turns those leaves into mulch that you can use to boost the beauty of your planted blooms.

Multitask Cultivator

Look for a multitask cultivator that will work as an aerator, sweeper, edger and numerous other tools. It may be expensive but you?re saving money by not having to buy the other tools and you?re saving space by just having one tool do all these jobs.

Alligator Lopper

An alligator lopper is a great pruning tool that handles branches up to four inches in diameter. This quiet tool is gasoline free and stays sharp, making it perfect for keeping your shrubs and trees neat and groomed.

Hedge Trimmer

Not your hedge trimmer of the past, hedge trimmers now trim, shred, vacuum and collect the clippings for you. The blades are also shielded so you?re not going to have that cut cord mishap that you did before.

Outdoor Sweeper

I loathe the leaf blower as a rake and broom do just as good a job and give you much needed exercise while not using energy unnecessarily. But the outdoor sweeper is a people-powered push machine which give you a dual action sweeping system with rotating bushes that pick up both wet and dry debris, giving you an excellent looking patio, sidewalk, and driveway with very little effort.

Creative Commons License photo credit: *Susie*