Measure Windows for Shutters and Storm Windows

Shutters and geraniums, Chinon
If you?re thinking about adding shutters or storm windows to your home?s exterior then you?re going to have to measure the windows properly to make sure you?re getting your shutters and storm windows in the property size.

Unfortunately older windows are frequently no longer square, and in fact, some new construction that was created during the housing boom never even started out square.

Measure the opening of your window horizontally at the top, the bottom and in the middle. Measure the window vertically in much the same way, measuring both sides and the middle.

Take another measurement diagonally from each top corner to the opposite bottom one. The measurements should be the same, but if they?re not your window is not square and is what the industry refers to as racked.

The smallest of the three measurements on both the horizontal and vertical measurements is the one you will use when reporting the measurements to the shutter and storm window manufacturer. Make sure to tell them that you?re supplying actual measurements and they will adjust for any clearances. You?ll also need to inform them if you?ve got a racked window so they can make allowances for that as well.

Creative Commons License photo credit: *Susie*