Marketing as a Resource to First Time Homebuyers

Despite the woes and hair-pulling the current housing market has caused (and continues to cause), there are those who can benefit from the plummeting prices: first time homebuyers. With no house to sell off in order to buy, and federal programs like the $8,000 tax credit, first time buyers have an outstanding opportunity to find an incredible home or investment property for a tiny price.

Still, first time buyers are not exactly racing to the market, and why? Fear. The exposure of aggressive lending as well as the rocky economy has made people jumpy and these potential homeowners are hesitant to dive in. Here is how some savvy real estate companies in Florida are changing their minds, and capitalizing in the process.

Florida real estate service companies (link: are offering first time buyer seminars and workshops to help potential homebuyers become more comfortable with the process. In Florida in particular, one of the nation?s areas hardest hit by the housing crisis, cities like Sarasota-Bradenton, Palmetto, and Lakewood Ranch have all had similar programs.

Whether it?s a Sarasota property management company, Palmetto title agency or Lakewood realty group, companies in the industry are using the housing crisis as both an opportunity to educate eligible homebuyers, and undoubtedly market their skills and services in the process. It?s important to remember that marketing doesn?t always have to be about ad placement and cold calling; by providing a free resource or service you?re able to demonstrate your expertise, professionalism, and undoubtedly, draw new clients from seminars who now have the information they need to take the first step into buying a home or investment property.