Brad Pitt?s Make It Right Foundation was founded as a reaction to Hurricane Katrina and the slow reaction of emergency crews and the government. Town hall meetings brought some issues to light and a unique opportunity. The leveling of sections of the Lower 9th Ward made it possible to rebuild with an environmental bent that will save money and the environment in the long run. Thus Make It Right was born.

At this point there are 14 new designs for single family and multifamily homes and they will be built in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans along with more than 100 other homes as the reconstruction begins.?

The multifamily home is a new addition to their line up as the Make It Right Director, Tom Darden, knew there would be a demand as they neighborhood used to be filled with this type of home.

Not that there is any bright spot in the devastation that Hurricane Katrina created but there really is an opportunity to bring the area innovative living situations that are affordable, safe, ecoconscious and livable. No matter how you feel about Brad Pitt and his beliefs you have to give him credit for his work in New Orleans as these homes may turn into architectural innovation leaders that people in other regions look to for their own inspiration.