Should you Mediate

Being sued is obviously something you want to avoid, but suing someone is typically something you?d want to avoid as well. Rather than taking your conflicts to court it may behoove you to try mediation instead.

Mediation is typically a better solution that court because it?s faster, private, and inexpensive and tends to be fair to both parties. This is especially useful if the person who is suing or being sued is someone with whom you?re going to have continued relations in the future. Mediation tends to be a bit more gentle and can help preserve the relationship a bit.

One aspect of mediation that most people forget is the privacy issue. Court events are public record and can be researched by anyone, but mediation is kept confident, which is one way it may help preserve future relationships by protecting reputations.

You can find mediators through traditional routes such as the internet or phone book, or you can contact an attorney and see if they can recommend a mediator to handle your disputes. Remember that while typically being less expensive than a full blown trial, mediation still has a price tag attached so the first step in any dispute is to try to figure it out on your own first and if you can?t come to an agreement, then proceed through other channels.