Maximize Your Online Presence

Sure managing properties means a flexible schedule, a constant change of scenery and a lot of face time with tenants, contractors and interested renters, but what about your presence elsewhere?

Online property management has become a key part of the success of many professional managers? businesses. It?s becoming essential to have a web presence these days, as both the rental market and property management services move more towards online accessibility and ease.

Here are a few ways to optimize your web presence and make your responsibilities as well as those of your tenants, a little easier.

Obviously if you don?t have one, start a website.

If you already have a website, make it more interactive. Add a blog or a forum as a way to connect with tenants and prospective renters. Join a social media site like Twitter or Facebook to make yourself more accessible, or offer online services like bill pay or maintenance forms.

Also, if you haven?t already, look into investing in property management software. Not only can it reduce the stacks of paper files on your desk, but it has a host of tools and options to make organizing and updating information quick and easy.

Finally, get involved in the community?the online community! There are dozens of forums, groups and blogs just for property managers. Exchange ideas, ask questions, even give advice?you never know when you might need a resource to help you with your business, or be one for someone else.

With these simple additions to your online presence, you can make your property management business stand out to tenants and prospective renters alike. Just be sure to follow through with what you started?a Twitter account won?t do you any good if you never check it, and neither will online software if you don?t use it.