Cheap Do-it-yourself Landscape Upgrades

driveway, grass and gabion fence
There are many ways to upgrade the exterior appearance of your home and yard. Unfortunately, many of them are entirely too expensive for most homeowners. That being said, there are a few cheap do-it-yourself landscape upgrades that you should not overlook. For less than $100 you can spruce up your landscape and make it look like you spent thousands.

1. Use mulch to create beds throughout your yard. A bag of mulch costs roughly $3. With a shovel and some sweat you can create mulch beds in the areas of your yard that need updated the most. To go along with this, you can buy cheap stone pavers to jazz it up even more.

2. Plant flowers. Just like mulch, flowers are very cheap. You can plant these in your mulch beds, alongside your walkway, around trees, or anywhere else that will look good. Be creative; the choice is yours!

3. Pull weeds. Talk about cheap. Pulling weeds is a great way to update the look and feel of your yard without spending a dime. Sure, it can take time and a lot of work to get rid of all the weeds in your yard. But once you do this you can be rest assured that it will look much better.

These are three of the cheapest (or free) do-it-yourself landscape projects that any homeowner can easily complete.

Creative Commons License photo credit:?RO/LU