How to Ask for a Repair from your Landlord

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Some people are intimidated by their landlords and worried about getting repairs fixed but there?s no reason to shy away from asking for these things, in fact fixing a small problem early can help prevent major problems later.

Inform the Landlord?

The first step is to inform the landlord of what the problem is and ask them to repair it. The problem will determine the time frame needed for the repair. If you have a broken pipe you?ll want to call the landlord and get help immediately. If it?s a cracked window the problem can probably addressed through email or mail and it?s not an urgent repair.

Receive Commitment to Repair?

You should get an answer to your repair request letting you know when the repair will be made and giving you a heads up about people entering your unit for the repairs. If you don?t receive this you?ll have to recontact your landlord and again inform them of the necessary repair.

Resolve Yourself?

If your landlord is still not responsive you can ask if they?d be willing to let you schedule the repair and have the contractor bill them. If this is okay with them go ahead with this plan.

Withhold Rent

If you still get no response you may have to let the landlord know you?re going to withhold rent until the repair is made, this is a tricky gamble and must be done correctly or you could face eviction. Contact a local organization that helps renters to get information before you take this step.

There are two things to keep in mind when trying to have your landlord make a repair. First of all you have to be sure it?s their responsibility and not something you caused or created. And secondly, you should keep all communications regarding the issue and take notes on any phone calls.

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