Getting a Rent Discount

Let?s face it, times are financially tough for people all over the country, the world in fact. So any break you can get financially is a good one, at least until everyone gets back on their feet. If you?re having a hard time making ends meet you may want to try to figure out a way to get a discount on your rent. There are several ways to attempt this but none of them are foolproof.

Ask for It

Explain your situation to your landlord and ask if he or she is willing to give you a discounted rent rate temporarily. It may not work but it can?t help to ask. And your landlord might be more interested in keeping you as a tenant than losing you.

Work for It

See if your current landlord needs a property manager or a caretaker to help with the other tenants and the odds and ends around the property. If your current landlord doesn?t need help look for someone who does, you may be able to find a place that will let you live rent free for work you do around the unit.

Barter for It

If you have a professional talent that can be of use to your landlord then see if they?re willing to take you up on that offer. If, for instance, you?re a hair stylist maybe you can cut the entire family?s hair for free and in turn get a discount on your rent. If you?re a painter maybe you can paint units when old tenants mover out. Be creative and see what works.