Spare Bedroom in a Snap


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a spare bedroom in their home that is dedicated to those infrequent guests or impromptu overnights. If you don’t have the space you can create a spare bedroom in a snap by making your own spare bedroom kit and keeping it handy. Each spare bedroom kit should have the following essentials but you can always add additional items as you wish.

Air Mattress

Air mattresses have gotten more comfortable than they were in the past and they can instantly be inflated so setting one up for overnight guests takes mere minutes and doesn’t wind anybody.

Sheets and Blankets

Sure a blanket is a necessity but so are blankets. Give your guests the comfort of home with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, pillow cases and enough blankets for the season.


A variety of pillows is always nice although you may not want to or have the space to store too many of them. Look for back to school sales to scoop up some great deals on pillows and bedding.


Those impromptu guests may not have brought their pjs so provide them with something to wear. Simple elastic waist bottoms and a t-shirt works for most people.

Alarm Clock

Get a spare travel alarm for guests so they won?t be late for any appointments or for work and you don?t have to get up on their schedule.


A night light is a good option for guests as your home is unfamiliar to them and they may forget where they are or how to get to the bathroom without tripping over the coffee table.


To make your guests feel really at home, create a little toiletry bag that features the essentials. Get trial sized versions so they can take them with them when they go and you?re not out a lot of cash.

Creative Commons License photo credit:?jinkazamah