How to Sublease your Apartment

Before deciding to sublease your apartment you had better check with your lease or landlord to make sure they allow subleasing, some don?t and those that do may have guidelines on how to do it. If you can sublease and it?s up to your discretion the following steps will help you find a subleaser for your apartment.

Find a Tenant

Because your name remains on the lease (typically) and you are ultimately responsible, you are basically the landlord so you need to do your due diligence in finding a responsible tenant who will pay the bills on time and stay through the length of the sublease.

Get it in Writing

Like a landlord you should get a lease agreement in writing with the subleaser. Make sure they have a copy of all of the rules your landlord stipulated when you signed your lease and that they agree to abide by these rules as well as any you may impose. And don?t forget the signatures.

Inform the Landlord

Your landlord should know everything that happens with your sublease so send them copies of your signed agreement and contact information for you and the new tenant just in case someone needs to be contacted. You should also make sure the new tenant has all pertinent contact information as well.