Bad Property Managers

Hiring a property manager can be a daunting task for a landlord, especially when it?s the first time, but there are some things you can do to help you determine if the person you?re interviewing is right for the job.

No References

If a property manager comes to you looking for a job but is unwilling to provide any professional references then they are probably not the right person for the job. If you?re looking for an onsite tenant property manager then you?ll want personal references at the very least.

No Interest

A good property manager knows to ask the right questions. Keep track of the questions the property manager asks to see if they?re insightful and make sense. If they don?t ask any questions you should have some red flags going up.

No Licenses

Not all states require licensing for property managers but the better ones get licenses and accreditation anyway. If you want the best of the best you should try to find someone who has some educational background and professional affiliation.


Check your area first to determine what the going rate is for a property manager and then aim in the middle. You don?t want to pay too much for a property manager as you might not get your money?s worth, but you also don?t want to pay too? little as you may not get any value from their services.